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June 13 2018

A charming esoteric subculture in Japan: gardens in beds of mini trucks. Only in Japan.

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June 11 2018

June 08 2018

Ramen shop.

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June 07 2018

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June 05 2018

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The Tale of the Princess Kaguya - Isao Takahata, 2013 (via

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The Floral Art of Studio Ghibli (via

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February 25 2018

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February 23 2018

January 25 2018

ホタルイカと菜の花のサラダ salad of hotaruika and nanohana

from The nanohana plant is entirely edible, and the plant it is also the source of healthy Canola oil. Nanohana is a springtime flower, and in some areas of Japan you can find fields of the flower formed into mazes so visitors can wander through the blossoms and enjoy their beauty. Nanohana bloom just before sakura here in Japan, so they are kind of a prelude to spring, even though they are beautiful in their own right.

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December 01 2017

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October 28 2017

Hachimaru, Nagoya Castle's character
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