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Tokyo, Japan - protest rally against a bill that would criminalize “prepatation for terrorist act”, May 16 2017.

According to the current criminal code of Japan, a person cannot, in principle, be charged for criminal offense unless the person is alleged to have ACTUALLY performed a criminal act under the code. The proposed bill, however, would virtually change this principle: even a consultation on some criminal act between/among persons - conspiracy - could be held accountable before the court of law. The number of crimes fallen under the bill is over 200. The Japanese government says this is a necesseary measure to prevent terrorism for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Copyright violation, for example, is also within the scope of the bill. If online surveillance broadened, this would be an effective tool to suppress anti-government campaign on the web - just clicking on “retweet” or “like” button on Twitter might lead to conviction.

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